In 2017 Steve Andrea Architecture were engaged by CGS to design a new rowing centre on the site of the school’s existing rowing facility on Yarralumla Bay. The existing facility almost 50 years old is run down and poorly laid out , without the required amenity for the students and staff.  CGS recently became a fully co-educational institution and provides places in the rowing programme to all interested students. To this end, CGS required a rowing facility fit for both current purpose, and the planned enhancements to the rowing program.

The design intention was to create a new, modern facility that also reflects the clear iconography of rowing sheds, within a residential environment. The building design reflects the scale and language of Yarralumla, but also will be immediately recognisable as a rowing facility. In addition, the site is so prominent on the shore of Lake Burley Griffin, special care has been given to the design to reinforce elements of scale, material and overall architectural language.

SAA achieved a timely Works Approval through the NCA in 2018, incorporating consultation with community groups, local authorities, and user groups. The project commenced construction with Solve Projects in April 2019 and the facility ready for the commencement of the 2019-2020 rowing season.

This has been a very exciting opportunity to design a building on the foreshore of Lake Burley Griffin.



JGS Property, Solve Projects